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Born on June 23 in Doupnitza, Bulgaria;
1973 Graduated from the Fine Arts High School in Sofia;
1981 Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts - painting,
class of Prof. Svetlin Roussev.

The works of Nikolay Yanakiev are in possession of: The Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy; The Mimara Muzeum in Zagreb, Croatia; The National Gallery of Fine Arts in La Valleta, Malta; The UNESCO Collection, Burgenland, Austria; The Ludwig Collection in Cologne, Germany; the National Gallery of Fine Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria; The City Gallery of Sofia, Bulgaria.
Private collections: Claude Litz, Paris, France; Prof.Dr. Nick Titz, Neusiedl am See, Austria; Jürgen Hoyer, Berlin, Germany; Egidius Braun, Germany; Bronda, Finland and some others in France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Russia, Greece, Great Britain, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Austria, Spain.
Member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists
Corresponding member of the Accademia Internacionale Greci – Marino, Italy
Accepted member of the SALON D’AUTOMNE Association, Paris, France
Selected for the art dictionary Who’s Who in International Art for 1996/97, Lausanne, Switzerland
Cavalier of the International Academy of Contemporary Arts, The Academic Palms of Vermeil, Belgium


International Art Fair, Stockholm, Sweden
International Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland
International Art Fair, Brussels, Belgium
International Images, Sewickles (PA), USA
International Art Fair, Barcelona, Spain
International Humour and Satire Biennale Gabrovo, Bulgaria
Salon d’Automne, Paris, France
International Art EXPO, Milan, Italy
Simodart, Burgenland, Austria
Europ’Art, Geneva, Switzerland